Saturday, October 06, 2012

Spring Potpourri of Pics

We caught several fun fish in the Little Norway Dolly Derby, but no Dolly Vardens.  We'll try again next year!  Here's O Boy with one of his flounders.

The Little Sweetie tries jigging.

Mr. T with his flounder.

Showing off their catch to one of the Vikings, who came around to inspect the fishermen (and girls).

Just before the Little Sweetie dumped into the ocean!  She was our best catch of the day.  Thankfully our quick footed and quick thinking friend Athena hauled her out (and she was wearing a life jacket) right after she tipped in.  But we still had one very scared, cold and wet little girl.  It didn't help that one of our giant, resident harbor sea lions swam by just after we hauled her out.  She now has a great story to tell, though!

Mr. T the troll

Watching the amazing CG helicopter demo for the 2nd year in a row.  This is one of the highlights of the weekend for us.

These guys are amazing!

Spring tea parties with good friend BMM

Even Miss Becky was invited to the tea party!

We spent lots of time fishing this spring, especially when it was sunny.

The last year of t-ball for the boys was fun, but it will be sad to say good-bye to fun and relaxed t-ball for the big leagues.

O Boy in fine catching form.

Go Muckdogs!

Coming off the field after another great hit.

One thing I noticed with both boys is that t-ball this year was less about digging in the sand, and more about really playing the game.  They definitely took the whole experience much more seriously this year!

Big throw from O Boy.

The dugout crew

The Little Sweetie spent her t ball days playing with all the little siblings of the other kids on the Muckdogs team.  We called them the Muckpups.  Here is the Little Sweetie with one of her best buds and their rock baby, John.

Ready for a big hit!

High five for Coach Matt after rounding home base.

A Mighty Muckdog

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