Monday, October 08, 2012

More diggers big and small

This is a series of pictures of a digging playdate with the Boudreaux boys this past summer.  The fun part of this particular afternoon was that a REAL digger was doing some digging just next door!

The Mighty Diggers

Where should I dig next??

Mr. T conferring with Mr. Larry about where to dump the next load of gravel.

The Little Sweetie felt like her purple "princess dress" was the best choice for a day spent digging and riding bikes.  At least I was able to convince her to wear rainpants over it and tuck it in!
Packing down the gravel with Mr. Larry.

Just across the yard, there was some seriously BIG digging going on.  Thankfully, Mr. Larry (in the picture) goes to our church so he was very patient in letting the kids play around the dig site.  Here they are "helping" pack the gravel down after the digger added it in to fill the big pit.

They buried the hose so that, when the water came out it looked like it was shooting out of the ground.

Sending the river under the skunk cabbage leaf bridge.

The dam is breeched!

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