Saturday, October 06, 2012

Little Norway 2012

A Viking and his baby

Marching in the parade with the tball crew

Herring toss

Slippery little fishies!

Herring toss

Best purchase of the day: balloon swords for $1 a sword

Taking on Mr. Dave in a sword fight.  The odds are definitely against him.

He's hit!

He's down, but still holding his coffee cup.

He's done for, but Ro is coming in to finish him off.

Two little Norwegian beauties with a silly brother in the background trying to chop their heads off with his balloon sword.

Best buddies

Mr. Orin was all dressed up for the melodrama that evening and he was an amazing playmate for a whole herd of kids who chased him around to watch his antics.

The Little Sweetie and a friend from church

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