Saturday, October 06, 2012

Jigging for herring - Summer 2012

This summer our library had a really fun challenge running all summer long with all sorts of outdoor exploration tasks modeled after the tv show The Great Race.  One of the tasks we had to accomplish was catching one herring and showing it to the harbor master.  So we went out with our wonderful neighbors the Mitchells to check this task off the list.  Unfortunately it will be most memorable for reasons other than the herring we caught.  Pretty much as soon as we pulled away from the dock the Little Sweetie began screaming.  At her highest volume.  When she wasn't screaming she was yelling, "We're sinking!  We're sinking!" Added to this fun was the fact that as soon as we got out where the herring were thickest it started pouring down rain.  The boys (in the midst of the screaming) tossed their lines in and immediately began catching herring.  So then we had 2 moms, a screaming girl who refused to be comforted, rain, lines tangling, excited boys, and fish flopping all around.  Every time Trisha left the wheel to help the boys get fish off their lines, the Little Sweetie would only increase her volume, thinking that no driver at the helm increased our chances of sinking.  We finally called it a day as soon as we could and headed back to show off our herring, all thoroughly traumatized!

The soaking wet kids with their prize herring.  The Little Sweetie is happy to be back on solid ground.

They decided to make a pond for their (thoroughly dead) herring and experimented with adding skunk cabbage leaves (for food?). 

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