Monday, October 08, 2012

Helicopter and plane field trip - Summer 2012

This summer O Boy listed out several places he wanted to go on "field trips".  Checking out the helicopter up at Temsco was on his list.  So we invited a few friends and went up to learn all about helicopters.  Since Mr. Ken (a friend from church) works just next door on the float planes, we asked if he could also give us a tour at the same time.  Never let it be said that there aren't amazing things to do in Petersburg.

Taking a peek in the pilot's seat.

Mitchell's, AC, and the Smith kids

Inside the hanger there were more fun machines to explore.

Forklifts can be just as fun as helicopters.

First flying lessons

Learning how to make the plane turn from Mr. Ken.

Miss DM takes the helm...

With a suspiciously young co-pilot!  What she lacks in age and experience, she makes up for in confidence.

Back seat piloting

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