Saturday, October 06, 2012

Grandparent's Day craft for cool grandparents

Very rarely do I attempt crafts, so when I saw this one recently I thought it looked manageable.  It covered a lot of bases in one activity: practical (it was a gift), flexible (adaptable for each kid), worked on fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, writing) and it was something we could do with our weekly homeschool group.  So here is an example of one of the Happy Grandparent's Day ice cream cones we made (around) Grandparent's Day for all the wonderful grandparents God has placed in our lives.  On the ice cream scoops the kids wrote "You are the coolest!"  There were two styles of ice cream cone to choose from, depending on the skill level of the one doing the cutting.  The inspiration for this project came from a fun book given to me by my friend Jill called 

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