Monday, October 08, 2012

Helicopter and plane field trip - Summer 2012

This summer O Boy listed out several places he wanted to go on "field trips".  Checking out the helicopter up at Temsco was on his list.  So we invited a few friends and went up to learn all about helicopters.  Since Mr. Ken (a friend from church) works just next door on the float planes, we asked if he could also give us a tour at the same time.  Never let it be said that there aren't amazing things to do in Petersburg.

Taking a peek in the pilot's seat.

Mitchell's, AC, and the Smith kids

Inside the hanger there were more fun machines to explore.

Forklifts can be just as fun as helicopters.

First flying lessons

Learning how to make the plane turn from Mr. Ken.

Miss DM takes the helm...

With a suspiciously young co-pilot!  What she lacks in age and experience, she makes up for in confidence.

Back seat piloting

More diggers big and small

This is a series of pictures of a digging playdate with the Boudreaux boys this past summer.  The fun part of this particular afternoon was that a REAL digger was doing some digging just next door!

The Mighty Diggers

Where should I dig next??

Mr. T conferring with Mr. Larry about where to dump the next load of gravel.

The Little Sweetie felt like her purple "princess dress" was the best choice for a day spent digging and riding bikes.  At least I was able to convince her to wear rainpants over it and tuck it in!
Packing down the gravel with Mr. Larry.

Just across the yard, there was some seriously BIG digging going on.  Thankfully, Mr. Larry (in the picture) goes to our church so he was very patient in letting the kids play around the dig site.  Here they are "helping" pack the gravel down after the digger added it in to fill the big pit.

They buried the hose so that, when the water came out it looked like it was shooting out of the ground.

Sending the river under the skunk cabbage leaf bridge.

The dam is breeched!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

A new style of glasses

Here's how O Boy spent part of his time on the airplane on our summer trip this year.  Another new invention!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Looking for gold - Summer 2012

This summer looking for gold was all the rage at our house. O Boy spent many happy hours out on the porch with a hammer and a few friends, smashing away at rocks in the hopes of finding gold.  Good thing we had some Little Tikes plastic goggles to keep them safe!
O Boy took this picture himself, apparently showing gold or silver in this rock.

KM shows off what he's discovered.

The Little Smasher

O Boy took these photos of pages in a DK book so that he could take them outside and compare them to what they were seeing in the rocks they were smashing around our house.  Good planning!

There were so many chips flying everywhere we had to set up some cardboard box guards so that other smashers wouldn't get hurt.

Could be gold!

Watching a boat launch

This summer we got a call from a friend who works at the Shipyard that a boat was about to launch off the skids, back into the water.  Since we live just down the block, we put on our boots and ran down the street to watch.  This is true summer fun in Petersburg!

Man Mad Hole summer picnic

Even in the rain we can have fun with marshmallows and good friends around the fire.