Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Here's a video series of Phil opening all of his Father's Day presents.

In which he points out his most special presents:

In which he begins to open another present but is distracted by a PANTHER sighting:

In which we are back from all rushing out to the deck to look for the panther to no avail (we never figured out what kind of animal it was) and he finally gets to open his present:

The story behind this amazing present is that O Boy told me on Saturday night, "I'd like to make a thing for Dad that has a lever you pull to make a smiley face pop up."  I kind of mumbled something about that being such a great idea, hoping he wouldn't ask for large pieces of metal, dangerous chemicals, or my help right as I was trying to make breakfast on Sunday morning.  I seriously didn't think he could make something like that, only because I hadn't the faintest idea how to take an idea like from dream to reality.  Sure enough, Sunday morning he got up and quietly sat in his little invention spot (the closet), working away.  Just before breakfast he came out to reveal this incredible, workable design.  He planned it and brought it all about completely on his own.  The lever is a mechanical pencil with a wadded up sock taped onto the end.  The smiley face is jammed onto the pointed end of the pencil so that, when you lift it up and down the slot, the smiley face raises and lowers.

Later that afternoon, everyone retired to their rooms for naps (mom and dad) and quiet play time (kids). O Boy began making a Useful Container for Holding Air as his 2nd present for Phil.  He even went so far as to come in during our nap and ask for the fan so that he could fill it with special air.  Seriously. 

 The Little Sweetie, as we discovered later, spent most of her time taking one Kleenex tissue at a time out of her Kleenex box, trying to wrap her tiny little nursery rhyme books as her present for Dad (after she realized what a great idea it was to give presents to Dad).  The end result was a bed full of wadded up tissues and a frustrated little girl.  I helped her wrap one at the end and she very reverently carried it to Phil and gave it to him proudly.  I think it was "Humpty Dumpty".
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my wonderful husband.  
You are a caring, hands-on, careful, wise, fun, and loving dad.  We are so thankful to God for you!

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