Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentines 2012

This year we made some pretty cute Valentines with the generous help of my friend Aimee and her Cricut machine!  I saw this idea as a candy bar wrapper when I was looking up Christmas gift ideas, and tucked it away for Valentine's Day.  Instead of candy bars we wrapped those natural fruit leather pieces, which fit perfectly.  I had Aimee cut all the pieces of the penguin bodies out using the Cricut and then the kids assembled them over several days.  Each penguin ended up looking a little different.  And some were assembled with PLENTY of glue.  I'm thankful Elmer's dries clear.  Then we used a pencil eraser to stamp their eyes, taped the bodies around the fruit leather, slapped a label on each one and it was done!  It was actually a very simple project, it just took a while to complete since we had to do enough Valentines for the entire kindergarten!  The ones I saw online are much more elaborate, with stocking caps and feet and other details.  I felt like getting these few shapes down in a relatively penguin-ish fashion was ambitious enough for us.  It was a great way for Mr. T to write all his classmates' names out, a few at a time, in a really small space.

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