Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Out the road with Dad

A few weeks ago it was a beautiful, but cold, sunny day on Phil's day off.  So we decided to head out the road and see what we could see.  
Of course brave Dad decided to take the boys rocketing down the Fruit Loop road.  I tried it with the Little Sweetie once and we were bounced around way too much.  And it was just plain too fast for me.

So the Little Sweetie decided to try rolling down.

O Boy and the Little Sweetie decided to play around this "frozen" creek for a while.  That sounded like a good idea...until O Boy went through the ice past his knee. The Little Sweetie broke through a short time later and pretty much got soaked from head to toe.

Brave older brother testing the ice.

She looks so pretty...and warm...and dry.  I didn't take a photo when, a few minutes later, I was rescuing her from a frozen soaking.
Next we travelled further out the road to check out Green's Camp.  It was a beautiful day.  Since the Little Sweetie was soaked, we wrapped her in whatever extra clothes we could find and she and I sat watching Dad and the boys explore.

Always on the lookout for treasure, O Boy found a part of a float.

Checking out the frozen waterfalls.

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