Sunday, February 26, 2012

October 2011

Here are a few snapshots from October...for some reason Mr. T didn't make it in to any of these photos!

On this day the Little Sweetie decided to go on an airplane trip and take all her babies along.  Please note how safely they are all strapped into their seats with bungy cords!
Playing playdoh with style
During October O Boy was in an "experiment" phase.  This meant that he (and here several friends at a playdate) would mix together any number of strange ingredients to see what he could concoct.  Then he would leave it for days on end to see what would happen.  His version of an experiment.  I think here they put together glue, shaving cream, some flavoring from the kitchen, paper, water, and who knows what else.

I believe this elaborate costume was another one of O Boy's attempts at a flying suit, thus the wings and balloon in back and LOTS of protective gear.

Oh, there's Mr. T behind Huge Leaves Boy.

If the brothers can do it...

O Boy's first trophy!  We went to a local soccer shoot and O Boy actually placed in his age group.  It was a bit of a hard lesson for Mr. T, to help him understand that he doesn't always get whatever O Boy gets too.  

Beautiful ballerina!

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