Wednesday, February 29, 2012

O Boy's Hunley birthday party

The weekend after O Boy got back from his visit to the real Hunley, we had a Hunley/submarine/scuba diver birthday party for him.  He worked with me to design and build the cardboard Hunley and helped pick out and set up the activities.  It was fun working on this party with him!
Here is our version of the Hunley.  Inside it actually has a working crank shaft that, when you turn the handles, turns the propeller.  And out the front is the spar with the torpedo.  He wasn't very happy about the breathing tubes on top because technically they are supposed to be pointing up.  Mom cutting a huge door in the side for safe entry/exit for lots of birthday friends was also a BIG problem for a while.  We really should have done the party before he saw the real Hunley.  Inside, to add some realistic details, he made a candle (a stand with a flashlight) and a "working" compass.  He also had a blue lantern that he made at some point but it didn't make it into the sub on birthday day. 

After everyone arrived we all sat down and drew our own submarines.  While they were drawing and cutting out their subs they got to pick out a scuba diver from an assortment O Boy had picked off the internet, printed out with me and then cut out himself.

The coins scattered on the table were a last minute idea from O Boy.  We found a picture of the famous George Dixon gold coin (the most famous Hunley artifact) online (Google Images helped us out a lot in bringing this party to life).  We printed out a bunch just the size of the plastic pirate coins we seem to have a bazillion of all over the house.  He covered them in contact paper (with some help from me), cut them out and I hot glued them to the pirate coins.  Then every kid went home with their own George Dixon gold coin!

Everyone got to put their sub up in the "ocean" and then try to put their diver on it.  Or somewhere.  It was sort of a very casual and no-real-rules version of pin-the-tail on the donkey.  Here is O Boy's laughing reaction to where his diver ended up.

BB ended up waaaaaaaay out in the deep ocean.

Mr. T thought he would ham it up a bit by aiming for the CROWD.  That got some good laughs.

And then he headed for the deepest ocean as well.

Mike Bangs, the husband of our boys' beloved former preschool teacher and a local diver, brought over a bunch of real dive stuff for the kids to play with and try on.  This was definitely a highlight of the party!  Here I am showing them a tool that Mike used to use to scoop up and measure abalone...before the sea otters ate them all up.

Crab man

His dive belt was heavy!

I don't think that's usually how this is worn...

Hefting the dive belt

Of course we had a submarine cake!

Black frosting makes for some silly pictures.

One of his many special presents was a bag made for him by a friend's mom with a real picture of the Hunley on it!

A cool pop up card with a submarine on it made by BB.

Learning about hurricanes with CM.
This is O Boy's quick video tour of the Hunley.  We didn't think to do this until birthday friends had already started arriving, so it's a bit rushed.  

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