Wednesday, February 29, 2012

O boy and the Hunley

It all started with this library book:
We found this really just by picking it off the shelf.  We had no idea what impact it would have on O Boy, and our family!  After reading it a few times with O Boy we all began to get interested in the Hunley.  We watched many, many youtube videos to learn more.  A few of our favorites are attached below.

Be aware that at the end of this video he gives a ringing tribute to the Confederate men who died in the Hunley.  I agree that they died a tragic death as brave pioneers in a risky endeavor, but I don't agree with the cause they died fighting for.

This has some fun views of Clive Cussler and his team that discovered the Hunley.

He now has a "Hunley Museum" on a shelf in his room, packed with all his Hunley memorabilia.
This is the small Hunley model that he and Phil brought home from their trip.

This is the postcard they bought to show his classmates.
Here is the book he wrote about the Hunley.  It got some water on it, so some of the pages have words that are blurred out.  I enjoyed watching him write this book and it was interesting to note that, for him, the story is more about the battle between the two ships.  The fact that actual men were involved in fighting and dying doesn't have as much impact on him as just the plain excitement of the fight.  That's why I was glad he was able to go visit the cemetery and talk with Phil about the realities of the story.

This page says, "The Hunley was at the dock."

"The Housatonic was at the dock."

"The Hunley went out to sink the Housatonic."

What he wanted to say on this page was a bit too long for him to write, so he recruited me to do it for him!  Down on the bottom is his phonetic spelling of "Housatonic" : hsutci

"The Hunley sank the Hoosutonik!"

"The End"
We also watched (twice!) the Nat Geo documentary on how they raised the Hunley with O Boy.  Our library graciously ordered both this DVD and the TNT movie, Hunley at our request.  Phil and I started watching the TNT movie but quickly realized it wasn't going to be age-appropriate for O Boy, so we stuck with the Nat Geo one which was really well done and fascinating.

This is his favorite picture of the Hunley that he has framed in his room.

He has built several versions of the Hunley in Legos.  This is just the first version.  He later built a much larger and more detailed model that we didn't get pictures of.

This is the barge and frame bringing up the Hunley from the bottom of the ocean.

Please overlook the fact that the frame is actually smaller than the Hunley!  He ran out of Legos!

The Hunley attacking the Housatonic (played here by his Viking ship).
Here is O boy's tour of his Hunley museum.  This was actually before he knew he was going to go see the real Hunley.

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