Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February snow fun

When it's nice in the winter we get outside when we can, even if it's still a bit chilly.  While Phil and O Boy were off on their Hunley adventure, Mr. T, the Little Sweetie and I got out to have some snow fun.

By the elementary school there is a huge snow dump.  By this time in the winter immense snow boulders have built up that are lots of fun to climb onto and all around on.

At first Mr. T told me he was going to ride down this snowy, icy slope.  I was glad when he realized that running full speed down it was a slightly safer idea.

The Little Sweetie and I went out for a hike on Sandy Beach one morning with our good friends the Midkiffs.

Mr. T had a fun morning exploring in the snow with his two friends Jack and Keiran.

Here they are pretending to be army scouts on the lookout for enemies.

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