Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dog sledding

This is definitely a post that reminds me why I'm thankful God has us here in Alaska!

A few weeks ago a friend called up and asked if he could bring his dogsled over and let our kids ride on it.  Not only was this a fun new Alaskan experience, but it was snowing quite a blizzard while we were out sledding to complete the "setting".  Thanks, Dave and Gus for a fun morning!
O Boy takes the musher's position

I ran alongside when the Little Sweetie was riding just to make sure that she didn't bail out halfway through the ride.

She quickly wanted to upgrade from the sitting to standing position, since that's what her big brothers were doing.

This sled is so well made that on a slight downhill you can kick a bit and really get going.  Mr. T was efficiently sledding AND catching snowflakes at the same time.

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