Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A combo birthday

The Little Sweetie has two little buddies who turn 3 one month on either side of her birthday.  So the last two years we've combined birthday parties for these girls instead of doing 1 party per month for 3 months!  This year it worked well because all 3 girls wanted a princess party.

We started off the party by making crowns.

Even the little princes got into making the crowns.

King E.W.

The royal crowd

Silly faces
You'll note that, in the picture just above this one, RSue was gracefully waving her hands "like queens do" while we took the picture.  After we snapped that picture, BMae came up to me and very seriously informed me that she didn't get to "wave her hands" for the picture and needed a chance to do so.  So then everyone had to get in on the royal hand wave act.

Princess cupcake tower

Birthday girl #1 - so hard to believe she is THREE

Birthday girl #2

The eyes popping out tell you that, yes, this present was sparkly nail polish!

Her first mirror/comb set.  Pretty exciting stuff!

When she saw this feather boa she shouted, "FUR!"  I'm not sure how, being an Alaskan girl, she came up with the idea that fur is neon pink.

Happy birthday girl

A video of the princesses dancing at the start of the party

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