Sunday, February 26, 2012

Class of 2028

A few weeks ago we had a get together of several members of the class of 2028 for R Sue's birthday party.  We thought it would be fun to take a cute photo of all the kiddoes together so that when they are seniors we can haul it out again and show it to them.  Instead of cute we got hilarious.  Eventually we were just happy to have even 1 of the 5 looking in the general direction of the camera.  These will definitely be in the senior slideshow.

The birthday girl was really not interested in this photo shoot!

All 5 in the picture!

Asking them to all wave was only marginally successful.

I'm not sure at which point, but one of the most hilarious and least successful strategies we tried was for one of the moms to yell, "Look!  A deer!" thinking that they would all look toward the camera and out the window behind us.  Instead, they all jumped up and looked out the window behind them.  Obviously, none of us have a future in professional photography of toddlers.

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