Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monster Truck Party

Another catch-up post:

Ever since going to watch a monster truck show 2 summers ago in Oregon, Mr. T has been talking about having a monster truck birthday party.  Well, we were in Fresno over his birthday and did other things to celebrate instead.  So once we got back to Alaska and got settled into the school routine, we decided to put together a monster truck party for him; but just a party celebrating his love of monster trucks (not a birthday party) since his real birthday was long since past.  This took away a lot of the craziness that often comes with birthday parties and presents etc. and we just invited a BUNCH of kids for a fun time at the church.  Of course the whole party was structured around rides given to the kids by our very own "monster truck" drivers Darby and Charles, two local friends who own HUGE trucks.  This was actually Mr. T's idea, since he is convinced that Darby's truck is really a monster truck.  Darby had the great idea to invite Charles and his huge truck to come along for the fun so that all the kids could ride at once.  They did an amazing job, really playing up the engine revving and all that.  It was a day that Mr. T still talks about.

Even though it wasn't a birthday party, we still decided to make a "mud" cake and put some monster truck scenes, made by each boy.

Mr. T's monster truck scene

When the party kids arrived, they each got to choose and color their own monster truck.  Then they cut it out and glued it on the long banner, which Mr. T had hanging in his room for months afterward.

And then came the big event: MONSTER TRUCK RIDES.
You can tell there is a little bit of excitement going on here!

Some cool dudes riding in the monster truck

The party boy was having an absolute blast!

This started as an obstacle course for all the party-goers to drive monster trucks on but quickly turning into a wrestle-fest!

While the kids ate cake we showed them on the big screen at church a bunch of youtube videos of real monster trucks crashing and smashing each other.
The monster truck crew!

In this video you can really get a taste of the engine revving fun these guys provided for the kids.

And it was inevitable that Charles would attempt the berm.  After all, he was driving a monster truck!

Old Ironsides

Now O Boy is starting to move on from the Hunley.  While in SC, a volunteer at one of the sites he visited gave him this neat old poster featuring Old Ironsides (The USS Constitution):

So he quickly went to work on building a model of it out of Legos, paper, string and (of course) lots of tape).  We printed off some excellent pictures of the ship from our favorite website, Google Images, to help him out.  Of course now he thinks he should go visit this ship as well.  I think we've set a terrible precedent with the trip to the Hunley.

Old Ironsides, the USS Constitution
Here is a video tour of the Old Ironsides Lego model (filming and narration provided by O Boy).

Fire Safety Night

While O Boy and Dad were in SC visiting the Hunley, our local volunteer fire dept. had a fire safety night.  We joined up with our good friends Doris and Ro and had a super fun night.

Ro all dressed up.

One of their favorite activities was the obstacle course they set up for kids to do.   During training they have to go through these same obstacles, fully geared up and blind folded.  They simply have to follow the hose "out" of the burning building.  I still don't know how you could make it through some of these obstacles with oxygen tanks, masks and all your gear!

Mr. T's turn to dress up.  He loves dressing up like a fireman.

Can't forget the tanks!

That's a lot to haul around!

Back to the obstacle course again...

After watching the boys do it time after time the Little Sweetie finally decided to give it a try.

Ro is being a good fireman and checking to make sure that none of his partners are getting left behind.

There is ALWAYS time during a fire to pose nicely for a picture.

Staying on the hose!

That window sill is pretty high!

But if the boys can do it, so can she!

Did it!

The search and rescue crew always has a tug of war station up where they let the kids tug on their ropes and pulleys they use for rescues.

I'm not sure Mr. T is really providing much help to his team here.

Up and down in the stretcher is always a fun activity too.

This was another activity that the Little Sweetie wasn't sure about, but once the boys had done it a few times she was ready to give it a try too.

What a fun night!  Thanks for going with us Doris and Ro!

A combo birthday

The Little Sweetie has two little buddies who turn 3 one month on either side of her birthday.  So the last two years we've combined birthday parties for these girls instead of doing 1 party per month for 3 months!  This year it worked well because all 3 girls wanted a princess party.

We started off the party by making crowns.

Even the little princes got into making the crowns.

King E.W.

The royal crowd

Silly faces
You'll note that, in the picture just above this one, RSue was gracefully waving her hands "like queens do" while we took the picture.  After we snapped that picture, BMae came up to me and very seriously informed me that she didn't get to "wave her hands" for the picture and needed a chance to do so.  So then everyone had to get in on the royal hand wave act.

Princess cupcake tower

Birthday girl #1 - so hard to believe she is THREE

Birthday girl #2

The eyes popping out tell you that, yes, this present was sparkly nail polish!

Her first mirror/comb set.  Pretty exciting stuff!

When she saw this feather boa she shouted, "FUR!"  I'm not sure how, being an Alaskan girl, she came up with the idea that fur is neon pink.

Happy birthday girl

A video of the princesses dancing at the start of the party