Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas tree decorating

Each of the kids got to pick out and decorate their own Christmas trees (a first for the Little Sweetie).  And here are the final products:  

O Boy of course turned this into a Life Event.  He spent HOURS decorating this tree.  He kept asking for more and more ornaments and decided to use the multi-colored yarn he found somewhere as a garland.  Then he turned his focus to what was (or at that point, was not) under the tree.  He made, and wrapped, presents (sometimes more than one) for everyone in the family.  At first they were all under his tree.  Then he started shuffling them around, putting some presents under the big tree, some under each individual's tree.  Very organized!  The presents he made turned out to be books and toys we already owned, re-wrapped in old fabric.  And, what I enjoyed more, he drew pictures for each family member.  Mr. T got 2 pictures of monster trucks.  The Little Sweetie got a picture of a flower plate she loves and a picture of her "best friend" Becca, labeled "BEC".  Phil got a picture of one of his slippers (which O Boy loves to steal) and a picture of me hugging him.  I think it said something like "Mom luv Dad" with the word hug thrown in there somewhere.  I got a picture of a flower and I think another picture of Phil and me hugging.  They were pretty great presents!

And here was our family tree.  Another huge one, but very beautiful!