Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Snowmachining with the Popps

The other day our wonderful new neighbors invited us out to come help perfect Mr. Nick's new snowmachine trail through our yard and out into the muskeg.  He agreed to give the kids snowmachine rides if they'd help him work on the trail.  And he had them hauling lumber, stomping down snow and working hard...when they weren't crawling around in the snow playing.

O Boy on his own little snow mound.

The Little Sweetie loves NPopp and loves to give her big hugs.  She was the NPopp handler in the sled and held on tight to make sure she didn't tip over!  I think the Little Sweetie thinks she is her own personal, living doll to play with.

The Little Sweetie crawled all the way up this little snow hill and turned around to say, "Look, Mom!  I did it!"  And then, of course, NPopp tried to climb up too.

Here's NPopp trying to keep up with the Little Sweetie and the big boys.

Once we got up to the wide open muskeg behind the airport we stopped for a granola bar break.  You can see the girls in front of the dogsled that all the kids rode in.  Mr. Nick made this.  It was pretty bumpy but exciting.  For a good part of the way O Boy hung on the back with me like mushers.  Despite Mr. Nick's best efforts, (just kidding, Nick!) we never fell off and got left behind! :-)  Brittany and Baby Z rode on the snowmachine behind Nick and the rest of the kids rode in the dogsled until O Boy and I decided it might be less bumpy and a bit easier to ride in the sled with them.

Silly boys

God has designed muskeg trees to be so unique.  They are scraggly and sparse, but  so unusual they are beautiful.

I love this series of photos.  NPopp was way past her naptime at this point and very, very tired.  Her expression does not change despite all the drama going on in front of her with super expressive Mr. T!

I love to snowmachine!  Can you hear him making the engine revving noises?

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