Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sledding with the Boudreaux

The day after Thanksgiving we had a huge amount of fluffy, deep snow around to sled in.  The dads thought they might try to play football in it but in the end it was too deep even for that.  But it was great for sledding!  If you landed deep in a drift you were just covered with a puff of fine, light snow.  God gave us a beautiful day of clear skies and great weather to appreciate the incredible beauty of winter in Alaska and the gift of special friends.
Heading back up the hill after a successful run.

The toddler sled looks like it's headed for a crash, if my expression is a good guide.

O Boy and BB crawling around in the drifts looking for bears.

Phil heads down with EW, who is enjoying eating the snow while sledding.  Talented boy!

The Little Sweetie, LB and Mama Manna look a little tippy on that sled!
Thanks, Boudreaux and Wards, for sharing such a great day.

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