Saturday, December 24, 2011

See-saw stuntmen

We do a babysitting night swap with some friends in town who have 2 boys close to the ages of our kids.  When they came over several weeks ago the boys came up with an exciting new use for our spinning seesaw.  Instead of just sitting on it and going up and down and around, they added a third person to run and push the seesaw around as fast as they could possibly run!  When I realized they were pushing the boundaries of safety a bit, I asked them to put on helmets.  Then O Boy added the rest of the pieces of their "armor" - coats and gloves.  No one got hurt and they did have a great time!

LB could barely keep ahead of the spinning seesaw!

Even the Little Sweetie got in on the action.

O Boy suggested they put on thick coats and gloves as part of their "armor."

They loved doing these intentional falls/rolls under the seesaw.  That's when I suggested they put on the helmets!

You can see just how fast they got going.

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