Thursday, December 22, 2011

Parachute trials

O Boy decided to make himself a parachute a few weeks ago.  Shortly after he made it he had a friend come over and they decided to test it out.  Here you can see ES modeling the parachute with O Boy "holding the jet he jumped out of."  !!  They've got all the required safety gear: goggles and a hard hat.

This is the parachute from the back.  The chute (in ES's hand) was originally supposed to be packed in the box and then self-deploy in the air.  They quickly discovered it was better to just hold the parachute and toss it up in the air after jumping.  Much better effect.

He's taking this launch very, very seriously.
Here are two videos we took (with the moms giving commentary) as O Boy did a few test jumps.

This is EW with the same parachute on a few days later, and some added safety accessories (gloves!).

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