Thursday, December 22, 2011

Painting the castle

A few weeks ago O Boy had one of his best buddies over to play.  I got out a cardboard box we had around the house and they painted it almost completely inside and out as "their castle."  After that, it was pretty much forgotten.  The process was waaaaay more fun than the end product.
O Boy looks a little grumpy in this picture because he wasn't too happy that Mr. T came out and wanted to join in the painting fun.  It was a hard little lesson in sharing!

This was BW's side

A shot of the intricate scene O Boy painted on the inside of his wall.

BW painting around his windows.  He wanted lots and lots and lots of windows cut out of his wall.

Inside O Boy's castle.  This mural had all sorts of meaning attached to it that I can't quite remember at this time.  I think it was a picture of the king on his throne with some other details.

Happy painters

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