Thursday, December 22, 2011

More snow silliness Fall 2011

On a rare warm, sunny day I took the Little Sweetie and one of her good friends RSue out for a sledding morning.  It was the first time ever that they were big enough to get on their sleds, sled down by themselves and walk back up on their own.  Wow!  Big kids!

O Boy buried in the snow on our deck.

Kickin' back in the snow.

The master of silly faces, Mr. T, in the snow.

One afternoon (it was already dark, but this is Alaska!) we got pulled all around our parking lot and up into the neighborhood next to our house by Mr. Nick on his 4 wheeler.  Mr. T helped drive, O Boy rode on the back like a musher and I held on to all the babies in the dogsled.  It was snowing up a storm as you can see by these pictures but TONS of fun.  In the sled with me is the Little Sweetie, NPopp, and a visiting baby friend, TKligmann.

Mushers ready for a sled ride.  Mr. Nick taught them the mushing commands and had O Boy say them to get him to stop and go.

A "castle" O Boy made on our deck.

And the obligatory "soldier face" from the soldier on guard at the castle.

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