Thursday, December 22, 2011

Letters of the week

This year in kindergarten the boys are learning about one or two letters each week.  So for some of the weeks we have taken some silly photos to illustrate different words which have whatever sounds they are studying.  Here are a few of the pictures we came up with:

Hand for H week

Hands again!



A very dubious HAPPY

Mr. T doesn't need much help to show HAPPY, but O Boy thought tickling him would make for a better picture!

A book from one of our favorite series.  This one earned double points: Dazzling Diggers for D week.

A frowning DAUGHTER who apparently wasn't very happy to be on display for D week.

O Boy's beloved Doggy.  He took this photo.

Double points again: Daughter with a Duck!


Doctor again.  Usually we had to take two of each shot since one set of pictures goes to O Boy's class and the other to Mr. T's class.

O Boy was thrilled to find Dong Dong Dong in one of his Tintin books so we had to get that on camera.

One of the Little Sweetie's favorite books: Dentists
The next series of photos we took for F week.  It was the kids "flying"!  I posted all the pictures because they each captured a different, and pretty funny expression as the kids tried to "fly" down the hall.  You can see that the boys decided having a cape would help their attempts.

Sometime during this week I was trying to encourage Mr. T to come play with playdoh (not one of his favorite activities).  We were talking about the letter of the week (F) and he decided to make a fox in a box with me.  I think I helped with the fox and he made the box.

Fox in a box

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