Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HL Hunley in Legos

O Boy and I found a great book at the library the other day about the HL Hunley (confederate submarine that mysteriously sank).  Since he loves the Titanic so much he dove right into the mystery of the Hunley.  We watched some videos of how they finally found and brought it to the surface and I printed out a picture of it for him so that he could build it out of LEGOS.  And after working very hard for an afternoon on it, he came up with a pretty fine recreation of it.  Then he started in on a model of the ship that raised the Hunley and the truss they built to bring it to the surface.  I never cease to be amazed by what God has built into this boy's brain.  

O Boy with his model of the Hunley.  He even used string and tape to recreate the ropes they used to detonate the bomb.

I don't have a good picture of this to add, but this actually does look like the setup they used to raise the Hunley (except for the fact that the truss he built is only about half the size of the Hunley due to the constraints of working with Legos!).  They lowered it over the Hunley to brace it, supported it underneath with inflated slings and then brought it up in one piece to the surface.  You can watch some amazing videos on it on youtube.

This is a setup he wanted me to take a picture of: the Hunley ramming its torpedo into the Housatonic.  Seems like they may have overshot a bit on the ramming job!

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