Friday, December 23, 2011

Harvest Party 2011

We had a great harvest party this year, well organized by a couple in our church.  There were lots of games, treats (of course) and even a jumping dragon.  Mr. T spent most of his time on the jumping dragon.  Our new church has a covered portico that is just the right size for a jumping dragon! :-)  Here are some pictures from the fun night.
The Little Sweetie in a princess costume she basically assembled herself out of her costume box.  The jellies were a must, even though it was absolutely freezing cold outside!

Mr. T went as either a monster truck or motorcyle driver, depending on when you asked him.  Thankfully his costume was pretty easy: monster truck shirt and motorcycle helmet borrowed from our neighbor Nick Popp.  The helmet he work in the door and then I think it came off for the rest of the night.

O Boy as, of course, Tintin.

Cole the thoughtful hunter.

The tie-dyed teen twins did a fantastic job painting faces all night.

I think these 3 were Larry, Moe and Curley.

Grandma Mary in her "Whosoever Will" costume.

Dr. Who!
At Alaskan Harvest Parties, you see a lot of hunters and loggers.

Buoy bowling is always a hit.

This is actually an authentic soldier uniform that Ethan is wearing.

The Little Sweetie figured out that it was much easier to eat the apple if she just tossed out the rules and grabbed the apple!

Mr. T is still trying to get that apple!

The Little Sweetie didn't keep most of her costume on for long either!

Phil manning the ring toss station.

O Boy and one of his best buddies.

My wise friend Erin made a big batch of playdoh for all the little guys who came to the Harvest Party to play with and take home.  It was a popular spot!

Two cute little dinosaurs
CC discovers that there's another dinosaur sitting next to him.

Comparing notes on costumes.

A lumberjack

The fireman cousins

Despite Cody's best efforts, I think Mr. T actually won this race. :-)

The Little Sweetie (with even more of her costume missing!) could barely lift the ball in the buoy bowling station.

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