Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fish hatchery field trip

There aren't a lot of places to go on field trips on our island, but the kindergartners do get to visit our local fish hatchery to learn about salmon life cycles each year.  Here are some photos of their trip.

Touching the salmon eggs.

Here is their guide cutting open a salmon so they could see the eggs spilling out.  Pretty exciting stuff for kindergartners!

Touching and exploring everything...

Here are the eggs which are maturing and beginning to turn into tiny salmon.  In these eggs you could begin to see the features of a baby salmon.

Everyone went home with their own set of salmon eggs but I'm not sure any of them lived too long!

Here are the workers who stand for hours at a time marking all the tiny little salmon before releasing them out into Blind Slough.

One of the best parts of this field trip for our boys was getting to ride on the school bus to the hatchery.

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JulienBrightside said...

Did anyone find it gross? THe touching of fish and stuff I mean.