Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Christmas tree hunt

This year we were thankful for beautiful weather for our Christmas tree hunt.  The snow was too deep so we had to hike way up the road we can usually drive up, so next year we're bringing sleds in case that happens again.
The final choice.  Even though we tried to get a small tree this year, we still ended up with a pretty big one.  Not sure how that always happens.  It is a beautiful one, though.

A snow eating break.

BK and the Little Sweetie just sat down next to this tiny tree and sampled snow off its branches!

BK takes the last of the snow.

Tired out from all the hiking.

The Little Sweetie got to "help" cut down her little tree with Daddy.

O Boy's tree
Mr. T's tree

Mr. T picked a very tiny tree this year.

Hauling the tree back out to the car.  Mr. T really, really wanted to help carry the tree but he could barely keep up with the dads in the deep snow.

And the annual hot chocolate celebration back at the cars.

Marshmallow man

Unbeknownst to the parents, BK had been eating several of the marshmallows and, when O Boy asked for one more, had the last of the marshmallows in his mouth.  So BK generously offered what was left of it to O Boy!

"Come on, O Boy, you can really have it!"

This is how O Boy decided to try to clean the hot chocolate off his face.  It turned out to be a little too painful on the crunchy snow.

I LOVE this picture.  The Little Sweetie was just informed that she couldn't have any more hot chocolate.  And next to her, sidekick EK is sweetly enjoying her hot chocolate.  Funny girls!

Another great year tree hunting with the Kandolls!

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