Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fish hatchery field trip

There aren't a lot of places to go on field trips on our island, but the kindergartners do get to visit our local fish hatchery to learn about salmon life cycles each year.  Here are some photos of their trip.

Touching the salmon eggs.

Here is their guide cutting open a salmon so they could see the eggs spilling out.  Pretty exciting stuff for kindergartners!

Touching and exploring everything...

Here are the eggs which are maturing and beginning to turn into tiny salmon.  In these eggs you could begin to see the features of a baby salmon.

Everyone went home with their own set of salmon eggs but I'm not sure any of them lived too long!

Here are the workers who stand for hours at a time marking all the tiny little salmon before releasing them out into Blind Slough.

One of the best parts of this field trip for our boys was getting to ride on the school bus to the hatchery.

Red Ribbon week

This year the boys' school celebrated a Red Ribbon week.  Each day they got to dress up as different characters, which of course was lots of fun for especially O Boy.
Here is O Boy dressed up as George Washington.  He helped me put this together after we looked at several pictures online.  We borrowed some pieces of the costume from friends in town and turned one of his pirate hats into his tricornered hat.

He even had a little colonial pony tail!

Even though she wasn't going to school, the Little Sweetie was pretty convinced she should dress up too (of course as a princess!).

Mr. T dressed up as Davy Crockett in a really cool handmade outfit we borrowed from friends in town.  We have a book called, "Davy Crockett Saves the World" in which he has a best friend who is a black bear named Death Hug.  Mr. T remembered that and reminded me that he needed to take our stuffed black bear to school to complete his costume! 

Friends in O Boy's kindergarten class who dressed up.  I think they are supposed to be Queen Victoria, Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Wyatt Earp, but I might be wrong!

Another dress up day was called "twin day."  The boys decided to wear their Muckdog shirts and hats and O Boy and I made some glasses for him to match Mr. T's.

And of course little sister needed to get in on the photo op too.

School pictures 2011

Here are our school pictures from this year.  They are growing up so quickly!
O Boy, age 5 1/2 kindergarten

Mr. T, age 7, kindergarten

Little Sweetie, age 2 1/2

See-saw stuntmen

We do a babysitting night swap with some friends in town who have 2 boys close to the ages of our kids.  When they came over several weeks ago the boys came up with an exciting new use for our spinning seesaw.  Instead of just sitting on it and going up and down and around, they added a third person to run and push the seesaw around as fast as they could possibly run!  When I realized they were pushing the boundaries of safety a bit, I asked them to put on helmets.  Then O Boy added the rest of the pieces of their "armor" - coats and gloves.  No one got hurt and they did have a great time!

LB could barely keep ahead of the spinning seesaw!

Even the Little Sweetie got in on the action.

O Boy suggested they put on thick coats and gloves as part of their "armor."

They loved doing these intentional falls/rolls under the seesaw.  That's when I suggested they put on the helmets!

You can see just how fast they got going.

Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Christmas tree hunt

This year we were thankful for beautiful weather for our Christmas tree hunt.  The snow was too deep so we had to hike way up the road we can usually drive up, so next year we're bringing sleds in case that happens again.
The final choice.  Even though we tried to get a small tree this year, we still ended up with a pretty big one.  Not sure how that always happens.  It is a beautiful one, though.

A snow eating break.

BK and the Little Sweetie just sat down next to this tiny tree and sampled snow off its branches!

BK takes the last of the snow.

Tired out from all the hiking.

The Little Sweetie got to "help" cut down her little tree with Daddy.

O Boy's tree
Mr. T's tree

Mr. T picked a very tiny tree this year.

Hauling the tree back out to the car.  Mr. T really, really wanted to help carry the tree but he could barely keep up with the dads in the deep snow.

And the annual hot chocolate celebration back at the cars.

Marshmallow man

Unbeknownst to the parents, BK had been eating several of the marshmallows and, when O Boy asked for one more, had the last of the marshmallows in his mouth.  So BK generously offered what was left of it to O Boy!

"Come on, O Boy, you can really have it!"

This is how O Boy decided to try to clean the hot chocolate off his face.  It turned out to be a little too painful on the crunchy snow.

I LOVE this picture.  The Little Sweetie was just informed that she couldn't have any more hot chocolate.  And next to her, sidekick EK is sweetly enjoying her hot chocolate.  Funny girls!

Another great year tree hunting with the Kandolls!