Sunday, November 06, 2011

Style Show: Little Norway 2011

Every year during our Little Norway Festival we have a Style Show as part of the festivities.  At this event, all the families in town who own Norwegian costumes put them on and show them off for admiring tourists.  Narration is provided so that you know where all the costumes came from, what region of Norway they represent etc.  Some costumes have been in the Style Show for years.  This year  the Little Sweetie was asked to wear one of the regular costumes because she looks the part and it fits her!  It was a very fun event to be a part of; it's a very special Petersburg tradition.  My camera battery died as she walked out onto the runway holding our friend Helen's hand, so I only have pictures before the actual event.

Watching DVDs during the long wait.

Meeting another tiny model.  This little girl came out, saw the whole crowd watching her and began clapping for herself!  She was so pleased to have such a large audience!

The Little Sweetie with our friends the Martins.  The Little Sweetie walked down the runway with Helen (in blue).

Pretty little "Norwegian" girl!

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