Sunday, November 06, 2011

Oregon trip: Mr. T's Chainsaw birthday

This blog post has been sitting in my drafts box for far too long!  It's time to get it published.
For Mr. T's six year old birthday he asked for a chainsaw birthday party.  Thankfully, we were in Oregon with a Papa who is always very willing to share his chainsaw with any interested little grandkids!  And, I was also surprised and thankful to discover just how many people had also made chainsaw cakes and posted their photos online!  Using several of these different photos as our guide, Mr. T and I made this fun chainsaw cake:

Then we headed out to the Farm for the big event.  Here's Papa gathering the wood they were going to cut up with his #1 assistant.

Next step, chainsaw!

Setting up the boards:

The birthday boy and his chainsaw:

Look at that scrunched up nose on O Boy!

Thumbs up!  This is fantastic fun!

These two cousins weren't too sure about the whole chainsaw thing!  Too much noise!

O Boy is looking a bit concerned about this!

No party at the farm is complete without a tractor ride with Papa.

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