Sunday, November 06, 2011

More Fresno memories

One of the most special parts of the Linkcare experience is the Kid's Club they run for kids 3 and up. So sadly, the Little Sweetie has to miss out on all the fun but the boys make sure she knows all that she's missing. :-) And O Boy usually always remembers to pick her out a special candy treat every day in addition to the one he picks for himself. She also gets to play with the other 2 little 2 year olds and a very special babysitter most days during Kid's Club. In fact, the Little Sweetie loves this babysitter so much that, each night when we share things we are thankful to God for, she thanks God for Becca her babysitter. Every night.

Kid's Club is run by amazing Grandma Kathy, who truly loves each kid individually with her whole heart.  She learns what they like, learns what they are like and ministers to them each in a special way.  I'm not sure how she does it, but God must enable her heart to grow a bit more with each new kid she meets.  Here are the boys giving her big hugs on their last day with her.  One of the special things she does at Kid's Club is have each kid put their hands and name on the wall around the room.  That way, she'll always remember them after they've gone!

Standing next to their hands.

One of the families we became friends with here at Linkcare in Fresno was here for 2 months with their 6 kids. At the beginning of that time they decided to plant a garden of sorts in the back yard behind their apartment in our little compound. Since all the kids are 8 and under the garden was planted a bit haphazardly and now, in all its full summer glory, it's a total jungle. But it's a very fruitful jungle! Before they left they asked us to take over "caring for" the garden. This basically means we turn on and off the sprinkler once a day! We also get the fun of rooting around in all the green chaos to see what surprises we might find. And then we go pass out all the produce around the compound to all the current residents. Our most recent harvest included 2 massive zucchini and many large, beautiful sunflowers which are now spread around to all the Linkcare apartments. Thanks, Rudds for passing this fun project on to us! I have to admit that this is my absolute favorite gardening experience ever. I didn't have to plant anything, there is no weeding required, and this California ground is like magic for seeds! They even scooped out the seeds from a store-bought cantaloupe, dumped them on the ground and there are now baby cantaloupes growing everywhere. Amazing.

The zucchini haul

The Little Sweetie wanted her picture with her own personal "baby coocummer".

Check out the size of these zucchini:

The first of the sunflower harvest:

There are several families here at Linkcare right now who have kids the same age as ours. All the kids are connecting really well and providing our kids with some really fun playmates during this phase of our life. Here is the Little Sweetie and one of her new girl buddies, GG. This day they decided to dress up like princesses.

Here's a memory that's only tied to Fresno because it happened here and I just had to record it in our blog. The other day I was working around our apartment and Mr. T yelled to me, "Look Mom! I be a leopard!" So I went out and he was dangling his arms and legs off the couch just exactly like a leopard would in a tree. I don't know why I found this so hilarious but there was just something pretty funny about Mr. T declaring himself to be a leopard, of all things...completely out of the blue. Guess he's watched one too many Zoolife episodes with good old Jack Hanna.

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