Sunday, November 06, 2011

Little Norway parade 2011

I'm catching up on some very, very old blog posts these days.  These are photos from last Spring's Mayfest parade.  The boys marched with their t-ball team the Muckdogs.

We had a fun new entry of our high school's amazing new drum line.  They were LOUD but great!

Friends dressed up in their Norwegian costumes.

The Little League representatives.  Mr. T represented the t-ballers and helped carry the banner.

This is a church friend who works for AK Airlines all dressed up as the airplane.  Mr. T is always happy to give hugs and get his picture taken with these big dressed up creatures.  O Boy is most often NOT!

One of our local stores is celebrating their 90th year of business.  So everyone who is related to this family business (and it's a big family!) marched in the parade.  The kids rode in shopping carts.

Amazingly, I got a photo of O Boy giving out a hug to Sammy the Salmon.

One of our local doctors decided to get into the Viking spirit with his dog...

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