Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mr. T turns 7

It's hard to believe but our oldest boy is a big 7 year old! Since we have been down in Fresno, CA at Linkcare over his birthday, the folks here who run the Kids Club gave him a wonderful birthday party. He had a beautiful cake with a scuba diver toy on top, ice cream, a fun birthday hat, and a whole bag-full of little boy presents. Added to the fun were all the new friends the boys have made these past few weeks. It was truly a special event for a special guy. Mr. T was looking forward to it all day long! For dinner we took the kids to a local taco place with a playplace (at their request). This was total fun for our little Alaskans who only get to enjoy playplaces when we come down south. It was a day full of fun to honor our precious Mr. T.

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Jenny said...

A big happy birthday to a very sweet, and totally awesome 7 year old! We love you Trevor!