Friday, August 19, 2011

Color fun in Fresno

Today we had some outside fun with our Linkcare friends. Some of the kids colored with fingerpaints, some with sidewalk chalk and some colored THEMSELVES with both. Everyone was ready for some pool time at the end of the activity.

GG discovers how to make PURPLE (which the Little Sweetie immediately wanted to copy). GG is the Little Sweetie's new mentor in all things girl-related.
Little Caleb's mommy, Deb, came up with the idea to fingerpaint and provided all the supplies. Well, the kids willingly provided their fingers.
CG wanted a closeup shot of his face to capture his fine job of chalk-face-painting.

Wild indians painted for the warpath.

O Boy, Mr. T and CG all colored different sides of the same tree (trunk, roots and all) with all sorts of pictures and writing which they referred to as their "heiroglyphics".
CG's side of the tree.

Raven's Roost Spring 2011

When a few of us decided that hiking season was ready to start up again, we decided to see how much of Raven's Roost we could tackle. The kids were ready for some serious hiking because Doris and I finally had to convince them to turn around after more than an hour of steady hiking before they got too tired to hike back out!

We always like to take a rock throwing break after the first 20 minutes or so.
Mighty hikers!
We're pretty sure this lichen is called Fairy Barf (there is a sample of Fairy Barf lichen that looks exactly like it in the Visitor's Center that helped us make that guess).

Here's a little video I took of the Little Sweetie as I hiked behind her. Unfortunately I forgot about the whole orientation issue and so the video is flipped! But it's fun to listen to her little toddler dialogue as she hiked.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mr. T turns 7

It's hard to believe but our oldest boy is a big 7 year old! Since we have been down in Fresno, CA at Linkcare over his birthday, the folks here who run the Kids Club gave him a wonderful birthday party. He had a beautiful cake with a scuba diver toy on top, ice cream, a fun birthday hat, and a whole bag-full of little boy presents. Added to the fun were all the new friends the boys have made these past few weeks. It was truly a special event for a special guy. Mr. T was looking forward to it all day long! For dinner we took the kids to a local taco place with a playplace (at their request). This was total fun for our little Alaskans who only get to enjoy playplaces when we come down south. It was a day full of fun to honor our precious Mr. T.