Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swimming lessons

The boys had a final round of swimming lessons before our summer travels began. They both got to the point where they could swim short distances without any flotation. Pretty amazing! We're thankful to God for what a great job Judy did with these wiggly little fish.
I love this series of pictures. Meticulous O Boy was told to float on his back, and so he did...
Still floating....
Still floating...
Red light, green light with the zoomers. These boys loved this game!
Swimming through the hoop
Still floating! Judy seems to think he might be there all day.
Through the hoop
Mr. T swims without any flotation! He's like a little otter in the water; he just sticks his head down, his bottom up and splashes his way full steam ahead.
Here's O Boy swimming on his own!
Judy puts up with a lot to do these lessons!
He loves the water! Here he's doing a good job of showing me how he can keep his mouth closed while swimming, a major hurdle for him. Usually he splashes around with it wide open, coughing and spluttering all the way. !! We've really been working on getting him to keep it closed.

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