Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sugar Shack with Mimi and Grandma Alice

While Phil was in Russia my mom came up to visit, brave some rough potty training days (and nights), give support, and have some fun with us! Thankfully we had some beautiful days and made some special memories. One of the fun things we did was take our real grandma (Mimi) out to visit our adopted grandma's (Grandma Alice) fantastic garden at the Sugar Shack (her rental cabin) since my mom is a wonderful gardener herself.

Here's a rare moment: O Boy voluntarily posed for this picture and actually asked me to take it! Notice he's smiling too. Will wonders never cease?

The Little Sweetie tried to jump from Grandma Alice's deck onto her path and didn't quite make it. But she looked up with a smile for a picture!

We love Grandma Alice! But maybe not posing for pictures.

Here's Mr. T's version of "Hey Mom! Take a picture of me!"

Pretty girl with pretty flowers.

I think he was trying to feed the hungry fisherman.

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