Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sandy Beach Hike

We know Mimi is always up for a good hike so while she was here we also did a bit of the new Sandy Beach hike with several friends. I was amazed and pleased to see how it has been improved, with new boardwalk and bridges everywhere over what used to be deep mud pits you had to slog through or around. So thanks to whoever has been improving this great hiking trail!
So many wonderful sticks, so few hands
(and mom wasn't volunteering to haul back anything bigger than her pockets!).
The clever and beautiful new troll bridge. This bridge was designed by the same local architect who also designed our church. And yes, that is live moss growing on the roof!
Strong boys!
She wanted to get up on the log like the boys but then changed her mind when she saw just how high it really was!

Heading out to the beach for some rock throwing/tide pool exploring time.

Throwing rocks with Mimi

I warned her that it was a Devil's Club leaf, but she thought it could still double as a hat/umbrella!

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