Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moving the trailer

Our wonderful new neighbors, Nick and Brittany Popp recently bought the old church to renovate and live in. They provide all sorts of excitement for our kids. Nick loves chainsaws, ATVS, snow machines, hunting for bears, fishing etc. and so our kids go running over often to see what fun things Nick is up to. They also bought the old trailer which had been used for years by the church as SS classrooms. They'll use it for storage and as a shop. But they had to get it from one side of the parking lot to the other. So they graciously brought in all sorts of huge equipment for our private entertainment to accomplish this task. Our boys (and the Ward boys) hauled out all of our construction equipment to work with right next to the moving site. It made the guys driving all these big machines a bit nervous so my mom and I tried to restrain the excitement and keep them as far back as possible, but it was hard. This was a very exciting event!

All we were missing was popcorn for this show.

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