Wednesday, July 20, 2011

June highlights

Here are some memories from our early summer.

O Boy and Trevor were each given a Reese's Peanut Butter cup while Phil and I were away for a few days. It was so special to O Boy that he first saved it to show us and then he also asked for a picture of it. Can you tell they don't see much candy? Gracious!
I believe Mr. T ate his peanut butter cup immediately.

Partly due to the fact that their room was being painted and partly just because they could, the boys spent a few nights sleeping on the floor in Mimi's room. The entire floor was a jumble of boys and blankets.

Mimi took us out to eat at Papa Bear's Pizza while she was staying with us and we sure had fun!

I thought I'd try and take a picture of the Little Sweetie all dressed up for church to send to Phil in Russia. But unfortunately it sort of dissolved into a comedy of errors. Mr. T wanted to be in the picture and so I suggested that O Boy join in too. He was NOT happy about that idea and so after a few very comically unhappy pictures, I settled for 2 out of 3 siblings.

My mom took this sweet picture of Mr. T and his wonderful speech therapist, Heidi. She's known him since he was just tiny and has been an amazing blessing to Mr. T individually and our family as a whole. She's kind of a social worker/speech therapist/sensory integration therapist/cheerleader/PT/OT combined and we are truly thankful for all that she's done for Mr. T over the years. After our first year of flying to Juneau 2x a month to see her, she graciously agreed to begin coming to Petersburg 1x a month to see not only our family but a few others as well. It's been a wonderful asset to have access to such an amazing speech therapist and has really enabled us to feel much more confident about staying in Petersburg these past many years.

Our favorite new way to do hair is to pin it back with one of our (6 year old) friend Saphire's beautiful flower clips. She and her mom make all kinds and colors and they are just beautiful!

For a while now I've been trying to figure out how to transition the boys' bedroom out of the nursery phase and into more of a big boy room. So when my mom was here while Phil was in Russia we did a crash course in room renovation: we tore down the old baby border, painted the whole thing, and put up new construction truck borders! And all this in about 48 hours. We joked that our method of painting/room renovation would have greatly stressed both Phil and my dad out. We had kids in the room while painting, let the kids help probably more than we should have and never really did a meticulous job of prepping the room with drop cloths. But the end result looked great and we did complete the job! Thanks for helping, Mom!

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Jenny said...

Looks like a whole lot of fun! Love the new big boys room!