Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fun with the Ward boys

The Ward boys were down for 3 weeks while our Mimi was visiting so we had them over to play several times. Here is Mimi giving a little t-ball workshop for the boys. Once a PE teacher, always a PE teacher. Great catching position, Mr. T!
While Ty and Mr. T were doing t-ball, O Boy, EW and the Little Sweetie decided to paint part of our house with mud. A fun idea until I realized that it actually didn't wash off all that well. At that point they got switched over to painting the retaining wall instead and I scrubbed down the house!

Reseeding our dandelion fields for next year's harvest.

I guess she thought Beau needed a bit of help pushing Ty around.
After bike riding (hence, the helmet) they decided to show E and Ty all the new trees they've learned how to climb lately. In retrospect, the bike helmets weren't such a bad idea after all.
More dandelion blowing. My cousin Jenny inspired me to try capturing this on film but so far she's been much more successful than I have. It is a tricky shot!
I may be 2, but I can still climb trees! At least as far up as my dad can reach!

Ty was desperately trying to catch a small white moth that was flitting around on the grass. He kept at it for several minutes, always just a step behind the moth.
Snack time!

Watermelon is the perfect summer snack: juicy, messy, and sweet!
I love this shot. It could have so many captions.
I think they are both thinking, "Did you take the last piece of watermelon???"
Offering a grimy, half eaten piece to Mimi. She looks thrilled!
O Boy discovered that he could prop a bike with training wheels on the edge of a deep mud puddle, pedal at top speed and produce tremendous sprays of muddy water! This was extremely hilarious to all the kids. This was why sprinklers were invented; moms wanted their kids to play in clean water!

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