Thursday, July 07, 2011

Early Childhood Fair

Every other year all the organizations around town that focus on, or serve, young children put on a great fair for kids. There's always lots to do and make and even some interesting foods to try sometimes. This year the Alaskan Native Brotherhood/Sisterhood was giving away "Eskimo popcorn" or herring eggs for everyone to try.

Here is the high school gardening club booth. They made little planter boxes for kids to paint and fill with several different kinds of seeds to plant. We'll see how ours are doing once we get back from our summer travels.

Of course, since we live next to a national forest, Smokey the Bear has to make an appearance. The boys also got a Smokey comic book with the story of how Smoky became famous and it's one of their favorite stories to read.
You know that all they have to do at a children's fair to bring smiles to kids' faces is drive in some construction equipment for them to climb on. And that's what someone did! Here's Mr. T in a skid steer happily "driving" around an imaginary construction site.

The Little Sweetie wasn't really into construction equipment on this day. I think she's also bumped her head on the skid steer just before this picture was taken. !!
Mr. T NEVER gets tired of getting up in various kinds of trucks. Here he is in a firetruck, narrating how he is driving to a fire.
Here he is with our friend Kaleb from church up in the Coast Guard Auxilliary boat.

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