Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crab lessons with Popp

While my mom was here Nick Popp, our new neighbor, graciously offered to take us all out on their boat to go see if their crab and shrimp pots had caught anything. It turned out to be a beautiful day out on the water and we harvested quite a lot of crab. And as usual, with Nick, it also turned out to be a day full of lessons spiritual and practical. He's a born teacher!

Thanks, Mr. Nick for a wonderful day of learning and fun!

Mr. T and I were in charge of restocking the bait buckets with dead fish pieces. Pretty slimy and smelly!

Mimi volunteered for buoy duty; she was on the lookout for any Popp buoys and had to haul them in with a hook as Nick cruised by them in the boat.

Finally, a shrimp!
Learning about how the crane works.
The Little Sweetie really wanted to touch the live crabs but decided she should put on this enormous glove to do so.

O Boy found a beautiful snail in one of the pots we hauled up from the deep. He really wanted to keep it but we suggested it would live longer if he threw it back at the end of the trip. Our compromise was that we'd take pictures of the snail from all angles so that he could remember it. We took the pictures, he was happy and the snail got tossed back. Thank you, God, for digital cameras!

Mom gets a lesson in how to efficiently clean crabs.

In which Nick shows the boys how much fun it is to pop the head off a shrimp:

In which Nick discovers why he wasn't catching many shrimp:
In which Mr. T is pretty proud of helping haul up some shrimp pots:

Hauling in more crab:

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