Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Counting down to Mimi

When we knew that Mimi's arrival was getting close, O Boy thought we should come up with some way of counting down the days. He remembered that last year we counted down to our Oregon trip by placing airplanes on a map and all the kids loved our first real Advent countdown at Christmas. So we brainstormed ways of tracking the days and came up with this brilliant idea.

I had my dad take a picture of my mom with her arms and legs outspread. We then split up the picture into different parts, printed all the parts out as large as I could and laminated them all with contact paper. Then I cut up all the parts into individual body parts. It was getting a bit gruesome at this point but we decided to go ahead with it. Each day as we got closer to Mimi's arrival one child got to put up one of Mimi's body parts. Very instructional. And hilarious.

Here is a picture of when she was only partially complete. Unfortunately the pieces tended to curl once they were placed on the window so we had to use lots of sticky tack to keep them nice and flat. That, and the fact that she looks a bit like a Picasso creation due to our haphazard arrangement of the pieces, sort of added to the strangeness of the whole thing. But I will reiterate, the kids loved this. And Mimi was a very good sport to endure being chopped up in this way. She'd call to get reports on how she was developing as the days went on.

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