Thursday, July 07, 2011

Big Harbor Project

We are big fans of Theodore Tugboat at our house. I actually prefer that show to most of the Thomas episodes since they have a gentler sense of humor and are much kinder to each other. Many weeks ago out of the blue O Boy decided he wanted to make a big picture of the Big Harbor, where Theodore Tugboat lives. We had some big sheets of cardboard leftover from school stuff so he started off by painting one a lovely blue. Then he and I started in drawing several of the different characters. After a while (and after he realized they are all online since I was printing pictures just for us to look at and draw) he decided to simply start cutting out the characters I'd printed out. Then he carefully arranged them according to how he thinks they are arranged in the Big Harbor and voila! Our own Big Harbor. You'll have to click on this one to really see it up close.

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