Thursday, July 21, 2011

BBQ season is here

Now that we have fun neighbors we can have neighborhood BBQs! So in early June when we had a string of warm days we invited our new neighbors the Popps and the Martins, along with some other church friends, over for a makeshift BBQ. It was pure summer fun: messy and delicious.

Happy boy eyeing his hot dog. I think he's planning his attack.

There were plenty of dogs, babies and kids to keep this BBQ lively. At one point the Little Sweetie started squealing because baby Jack (in the center) had figured out how to crawl over to her and start in eating her hot dog bun! She was too weighed down by a plateful of food to figure out how to get away but too small to keep it out of his very eager reach.
Marshmallow monster!

We made our own makeshift fire pit out of a metal tub and some wood we scavenged from our yard along with a few pieces from Popp's woodpile.

3 guesses as to what she's been eating...
Messy kids, happy kids!

Sleds are good fun all year 'round in Alaska.

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