Friday, July 22, 2011

Majestic Eagle Lodge

Several weeks ago a friend from church invited us out to the new lodge down the Narrows where he works. It is beautiful Majestic Eagle Lodge. It's my new favorite place to recommend to anyone traveling to Petersburg! The wonderful owner/chef and her able assistants treated us to a delicious meal and a fun tour of their well-built and well-organized cabins, lodge and property. Come for a visit!

Here are the kids following James, our kind host, down to the boat on the beach.
A fun day at Majestic Eagle!
This cool swinging bench was handmade by one of the Majestic Eagle workers.

Muckdog Memories

What a fun first year we had watching the boys play t-ball. I put a bunch of photos together that were taken at several various points throughout the season. Fun memories!

O Boy gets to play catcher.
Caught brown-handed: you can see how he spends his time in the outfield. One dad on the team suggested that each team should have buckets and shovels for the outfielders so that they didn't have to spend the whole time digging holes with their hands.
O Boy as catcher
Thankfully there is a play structure up at the ball fields. Even if they are tired out at the end of a long game, they always have energy for some time on the playground!
At the top of the world!
I am scared to think that she might be swinging to build up speed for her upcoming shoot down the slide.
Top of the spider web "Just like the big boys, Mom!"

Good game, Muckdogs and Bulls!
Goooooooo Muckdogs!
Big smile for the crowd.

Fans staying warm in the dugout.

He came in from going around the bases saying, "I did it, Mom!"

Made it to first base!
Mr. T ready to take a swing.
And he's off!
A big wave from 1st base.
Mr. T heads home. I'm not sure he can see where he's going with that helmet on!
O Boy getting a reminder from Coach Matt to "touch the plate!" as he comes home. You can see the big ham, Mr. T, in the background.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fishing on the dock with the Haleys

Fishing lessons from dad

Getting some excited instruction from Logan to REEL IT IN FAST!
O Boy's flounder

Two fine fishermen holding two fine smelt.
Finally willing to hold a fish. The whole time Logan was encouraging O Boy and Mr. T to pick up the fish and hold them and Mr. T stayed as far away from the fish as possible. Then finally at the end he was brave enough to take the plunge and hold one of the wiggly, slimy things! A major sensory accomplishment.
A great day at the docks.

In which an iceberg zooms by...

In which the boys experience the triumph and tragedy of fishing, all in the space of 10 seconds.

Swimming lessons

Part of our homeschooling set-up this year provided us with money to use on swimming lessons. We did 2 sessions and in each the boys made great progress with the helpful instruction of Miss Judy.

BBQ season is here

Now that we have fun neighbors we can have neighborhood BBQs! So in early June when we had a string of warm days we invited our new neighbors the Popps and the Martins, along with some other church friends, over for a makeshift BBQ. It was pure summer fun: messy and delicious.

Happy boy eyeing his hot dog. I think he's planning his attack.

There were plenty of dogs, babies and kids to keep this BBQ lively. At one point the Little Sweetie started squealing because baby Jack (in the center) had figured out how to crawl over to her and start in eating her hot dog bun! She was too weighed down by a plateful of food to figure out how to get away but too small to keep it out of his very eager reach.
Marshmallow monster!

We made our own makeshift fire pit out of a metal tub and some wood we scavenged from our yard along with a few pieces from Popp's woodpile.

3 guesses as to what she's been eating...
Messy kids, happy kids!

Sleds are good fun all year 'round in Alaska.