Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Muckdogs' first practice

This was our first year diving into the wild and wooly world of t-ball. Our coach was WONDERFUL Coach Matt and he was ably assisted by several awesome middle schoolers who were all great with the kids (very patient!). Having never really been around t-ball before I was surprised at how hilarious just about every aspect of this sport really is. From their attempts to catch and throw to each other to their complete inability to run bases in the correct order to their expressions of total delight when they actually got a hit...this is a fun sport to watch! Both boys were on the same team and they looked forward to just about every practice and game. Even though each team "scored" the same amount of runs each game, they were pretty sure the Muckdogs were The Big Winners every time. And so they were.
Here's our friend Jack (who is very, very good at all things baseball) very patiently playing catch with Mr. T.
First time hitting off a tee.
Getting a lesson in base-running. You can see O Boy's intense concentration.

This boy LOVES t-ball!
Zooming 'round the bases!
Coach Matt watches O Boy's swing.

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